Retail Training

Retailers today have to make complex decisions on selecting the appropriate target market and locations, determining what price to sell merchandise and services, and, training and motivating retail employees among other decisions. Our Retail Training programs enrich participants in acquiring and applying relevant retail knowledge and skills to manage retail management issues.

Certification in Retail Operations
Duration: 1 Year

Develop skills and knowledge for excellence in retail operations- day to day running of a retail store. Certification is competency based i.e. demonstration of hands on abilities. Execution is a critical component of achieving certification. Recommended for retail managers, assistant managers and supervisors.

Certification in Retail Management 1
Duration: 1 Year

Develop the knowledge and skills for excellence in retail with overall responsibility for operation and profitability. This course is suitable for store managers in managing budgets and overseeing store performance targets.

Certification in Retail Management 2
Duration: 1 Year

The course is focused on delivering seamless brand experience across all channels, online and offline in a modern retail environment. Participants will learn to develop effective business strategies to grow and develop business, implement effective buying and merchandising strategies for improved performance and control, manage staff and business relationships for optimum performance and return in the business.